Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Northstar Miniatures: Salute 2018 - New Ghost Archipelago Snakemen, Oathmark Elves and More News

Northstar Miniatures: My apologies first of all. In the last newsletter I was boasting about Oathmark Elf pre-orders. We've had to change our minds unfortunately. The Elves won't be on pre-order, you'll be actually ordering them for immediate delivery.  We'll run the same three offers as we'll have at Salute for you guys. The six metal Elf Characters, unrevealed so far, will also be on sale. The offers will be there Monday 16th April.

The one thing we're not taking pre-orders for are the Oathmark Elves. We'll have 100 box sets on the day, and each box set will have a free metal Elf Champion model given away with it. The metal champion will never be for sale, so is an exclusive model. I'll have the shield transfers as well. Only 100 box sets, so come by early. 

The offers on the day will be the Oathmark Elf box set and figure as mentioned above, an Elf Army Deal (buy 5 boxes pay for 4, but you only get 1 free metal champion) and an Oathmark Newbie offer. The Oathmark Newbie Offer is one each of the three plastic box sets, and it'll include free one each of the three exclusive metal figures, the Dwarf, Goblin and Elf Champions.  I'll only have 20 of these newbie offers.I'll have a small display case with the latest figures in there including samples of the 3UPS for the Oathmark Humans and Frostgrave Female Soldiers.

The maquettes. The three figures shown below were made before the plastics as guides for the designers. We gave each away with the release of the respective plastics. They will never be for sale. We are going to do a special offer at Salute this year, you'll have a buy three box sets (one of each) and get the three figures free. We'll only have 20 of the deals available. If you're not attending Salute, no worries, the deal will be available to mail order on Monday 16th.

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