Sunday, March 11, 2018

Warcradle Studios: 2018 Wild West Exodus Posse Previews!

Warcradle Studios: Coming soon - Pancho Villa's Posse: The Golden Army! Alongside this notorious Outlaw Boss and two K9 attack dog automata are the gun-slinging Heraclio Bernal, the voice of the revolution Rosaria Mendes, the patient hunter Catalina Romero and the brooding Procopio. With these at the heart of the Golden Army your Caballeros and Cazadores can conquer the Union! 

Coming soon - The Third Man's Posse: Absolute Power! Alongside this formidable Hex Boss is his loyal guardian Kreechur, the insidious Garratt Morden, the scheming Megan Wild, the vengeful Maria Torres-Villa and the traitorous John Hunter Bennett. 

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