Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Ion Age: Celesta Lament An Umpire Driven Patrol Angis Scenario by Vic Dobson

The Ion Age: Celesta Lament is a two player umpire driven scenario for Patrol Angis written by Vic Dobson (he of USEME fame) which sees a powerful force of Prydian Army knights and muster conducting a rearguard action against the alien Shia Khan. 

Things might go very wrong and a mighty Taranis main battle tank may well have a lot to do with it. Click through to download it free. Additionally we have sold out of printed copies of Patrol Angis but more are on the way! Lastly there is a week to run on our Mullo AFV and APC offers buy three get the forth free! The month long special offer is 25% off the Afara Strider light mecha. Thanks and keep on wargaming in the true scale 15mm! GBS

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