Thursday, March 8, 2018

RGD Gaming: Plastic Faun Infantry Kickstarter Preview

RGD Gaming: In May, 2018, RGD GAMING LLC is reviving the faun injection mold kickstarter. This kickstarter aims to produce a set of 10 32mm plastic faun models for the wargaming table top. This set will offer many parts for your hobbying needs, such as: bows, spears, swords, axes, two handed weapons and special accessories. 

Joining the cast is the Minotaur Brute (40mm), and the female and male faun shamans (32mm). These are set to be cast in resin/pewter, and will be optional add ons to the faun pledge levels. Stretch goals include plastic horse bodies to combine with the torsos, more torsos and bits add ons, new models such as the chimera, tribal chariot and eagles, and with a great push, satyrs. To join us in the discussion, visit the faun kickstarter group page below to get new updates. See Facebook here

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