Saturday, March 24, 2018

ResInAere: Gravetides - An Undead Fleet For Naval Fantasy Wargaming Kickstarter

ResInAere: The advance of the undead fleet is forewarned by the ominous gigantic shape of the Drifting Mausoleum, a sight that can stop the heart of even the most seasoned sailors, as the motionless sails of the derelict Corpseships act as eerie mementos of ships sunk long ago along with their drowned crews.

Organic looking Bonerammers float silently in ordinate squadrons, as the necromantic magic that has created these vessels from ancient dead bones still fuels their motion. The accompanying Dreadships are more mundane but nonetheless a lethal threat, as their huge catapults manned by living corpses, are capable of crippling even the most powerful warships with a single hit. 

The Gravetides Kickstarter for an undead fleet for naval fantasy wargaming is now live. The Kickstarter offers an undead fleet to be used with any in-print or out-of-print rules, composed by and admiral warship, a couple of indipendent vessels and two squadrons, each with a different kind of support ship. Add-ons of single ships or squadrons are possible, and a couple of Flying Monsters models are unlockable during the course of the campaign. The models offered are all carefully handcrafted like the old school miniatures whose memory they seek to recall, and will be finely cast in gray resin by a professional printer. Check the Kickstarter here

If this Kickstarter is a success, we plan to develop further our Gravetides project, creating more fleets, and actually try to publish (in a form or another) our core rules, now in advanced development. Among the fleets we’re thinking about, besides the classical Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs, are the vessels of Frostbare, a nation of undead from the northern ice plains, the warships of the quadrumvirate of the alchemical Liches, and the vampire realm of the degenerate Blood Sycophants. Help us creating a new world!

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