Monday, March 19, 2018

ResInAere: Gravetides, an Undead Fleet for Naval Fantasy Wargaming Kickstarter Inbound

ResInAere: Gravetides, an Undead Fleet for Naval Fantasy Wargaming Kickstarter launches on the 23rd of March! Check the unique resin cast vessels below and master the high seas!

We are two Italian brothers with a passion for gaming and modelling, and we’ve finally decided to do our very own Kickstarter, hoping to find some support to further develop the projects we have been working on for a long time. Among all the games we have played in the past, we have a soft spot for naval wargaming played with fantasy warships with strange powers, that allow to field bizarre and greatly characterized vessel models. Our Kickstarter offers an undead naval fleet composed by resin hand sculpted models, that strive to recapture the look and the feeling of the miniatures of the last two decades of the past century, that in our minds remains the ‘golden age’ of tabletop wargaming, without renouncing to an original touch.

Even if our fleet can be used with any in-print and out-of-print fantasy naval rules, they are also part of our Gravetides project, our own naval rules still in development, where the classic fantasy races and different undead reigns wage war among each other, and against a sorcerous parasite from another plane of existence, in a dying world were naval battles, due to the relentless rising of the seas level, are more and more prevalent. If this Kickstarter is a success, we plan to create more fleets, and actually try to publish (in a form or another) the Gravetides core rules. The Kickstarter will go live on the 23rd of March. Find the Gravetides Facebook page at:

Drifting Mausoleums are a daunting and terrifying sight: constructed from the carcasses of a giant abyssal fish or some other marine creatures, they bring into battle an imposing mausoleum that hosts - guarded by a circle of necromancers - the phylactery of a mighty Lich, whose magical energy is channeled by the sorcerers to fuel the ship movement, and to create the defensive aura of decay that surrounds its massive bulk. In addition to its magical powers, the Drifting Mausoleum is heavily armed with batteries of catapults capable of firing on every side of the vessel, giving it a massive firepower that makes it a formidable warship.

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