Saturday, March 3, 2018

Northstar Miniatures: Frostgrave - Ghost Archipelago Lost Colossus Pre-Order Launched

Northstar Miniatures: What is a Nickstarter? It's not crowd funding. It's just our name for our pre-order programs that reward buyers for buying more! We offer products in bundle deals cheaper than buying them individually, generally called 'levels', and we record the sales of these levels and associated products. As the sales hit certain 'Spend Goals', they release rewards and gifts to all Nickstarter participants.So what is the latest Nickstarter for? It is for the new Snake-men models designed for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago and it's first supplement Lost Colossus.

Also known as serpent-men, or serpent-people, Snake-men are generally considered the most dangerous and deadly of the sentient races that inhabit the islands. Resembling a human with a snake-like, or lizard-like head, these creatures tend to inhabit great ruined cities buried deep in island jungles. It is unknown if the snake-men built these cities themselves, or if they are squatting in the ruins of some other civilization. It is also unclear if all of the snake-men in the archipelago constitute one unified empire or kingdom, or if they are unconnected tribes. In truth, most of these mysteries are irrelevant to most adventurers, who either want to find the snake-men to take their rumoured, vast quantities of enchanted gold, or to avoid their sharp, curved, envenomed weapons.

- Stretchgoal 1 Unlocked  - Spend Goal 1 is a free metal model of a Cortiki.
- Stretchgoal 2 Locked - Spend Goal 2 is a free metal Swamp Zombie.

Early Bird Discount! Order before the 7th of March, and get an extra £5 discount! When you order, type EARLYBIRD into the discount box, and £5 will be removed from your total (before postage). The offer will be turned off midnight GMT on

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