Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Breaking! Fireforge Games: Fantasy Forgotten World Plastic Miniatures, Wargame Rules and Setting

Fireforge Games shared some more information with Wargame News and Terrain about their upcoming Fantasy Forgotten World Kickstarter campaign to fund no less than six different plastic boxed sets for their Fantasy Forgotten World setting, miniatures and rules.

The campaign will allow the production of six different plastic boxed sets for their newly announced Forgotten World fantasy range. The Kickstarter will contain two different factions, the stout Northmen and another not further revealed plagued human faction. The actual goal for the Kickstarter will be the creation of a fantasy starterset which will contain the above mentionned miniatures along with fantasy rules. The previewed pictures show the digital renders for the Northern Infantry, Northern Archers and Northern Cavalry which will be some of the available miniature kits.

Fireforge Games Plastic Fantasy Forgotten World Northern Infantry

The picture below shows the scale compatibility of these upcoming Fireforge Games miniatures alongside miniatures from their historical miniatures and fantasy miniatures of Games Workshop. As you can see these fit in great and will allow you to use parts from different manufacturers and Fireforge Games to create even more unique miniatures for your miniature collection.

Fireforge Games Plastic Fantasy Forgotten World Northern Infantry Scale Comparison

The Forgotten World Kickstarter will be launched when all the miniatures are ready, so the date isn't set in stone yet but is planned for this summer. I can imagine that these new plastic miniatures will be very popular due to their very nice design and scale compatibility with both Fireforge Games miniatures and those of other popular manufacturers such as Games Workshop's Warhammer miniatures and Northstar Miniatures' Oathmark and Frostgrave miniatures. As always keep updated through Wargame News and Terrain and get your daily wargame news direct from the tabletop miniature frontlines!

Another wip of the Northmen Bowmen. We liked a lot the idea to build a unit with flaming arrows, this is why you will find in this kit braziers and flames to put on your arrows to obtain a very nice unit of bowmen.

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