Monday, February 12, 2018

Nuclear Shrimp Games: Black Earth: Heavy Metal Miniatures and Ruleset Kickstarter

Nuclear Shrimp Games: Black Earth : Heavy Metal is a miniatures and rules expansion to our published Black Earth tabletop wargame. This is an opportunity to update our range of miniatures, focusing on vehicles, and at the same time update our wargame ruleset.

The campaign initially focuses on one vehicle for each of the 3 factions, the Tecton Order Minotaur IFV, the Brute Monster Truck and the UEF Bulldog MBT. Along with the vehicles we are also going to attempt to fund one infantry unit for each of the factions (Tecton Stormtroopers, Brute Raiders and UEF Infantry). Furthermore, all our products are going to be available in  28mm and 15mm scales while all vehicles are also going to be available in 6mm scale. As the campaign progresses we are going to attempt to fund more miniatures and options for them. Check the full Kickstarter here

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