Saturday, February 17, 2018

MaxMini Miniatures: 15% Discount Vehicles - Unkle Speedsterz Nitro Promo

MaxMini Miniatures: Unkle Speedster 'ere! Today me has got sumthin special for all ov ya petrol lovers. Get yerself read fot  Unkle Speedsterz Nitro Promo!!! That's right! It's a fuel-injected, petrol-drenched turbo-boosted car sale! Did I say "car"??? 

Heck no! It's an all vehicle sale!!! And Unkle Speddster's got it all! Sport cars, pickups, motorbikes, quads, jetbikes, mechs, tanks, and even rocket pigs for all ya swine lovers. Don't have to mention that almost every of my fine vehicles comes with a dakka, do I? Cuz there iz only one thing better than a good ride: a good and shooty ride, hahahaaa!!! Y'all better hurry, cuz this promo will last for 7 dayz only! You better be Fast!!!!

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