Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Colonel Bills Wargames Depot: Soon To Be Released Female Fantasy Characters

Colonel Bills Wargames Depot: We're looking for names for newly sculpted figures - Do you have any ideas? Colonel Bill is looking for suitable female names for Vampires and Zombie Cheerleaders (the cheesier or tongue-in-cheek the better!) If you think you've a good idea and care to share, then please do so. 

Two of the as-yet-to-be-released sculpts have names already; The Punk, Sheena Ramone & The Devil, Lucy Feure. Which should give you an idea as to the type of names the Colonel is looking for. Leave a public comment on the blog link, below, or contact the Colonel directly via email (address is given in the linked blog post).  Check the blog here [Obviously the images shown have been altered to make them safe to view. Some of the actual sculpts do show bare breasts and nipples, which we are aware my cause offence.]

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