Monday, February 19, 2018

Breaking! Games Workshop: Blitz Bowl and Space Marine Adventures Boardgames Announced

Games Workshop announced that they're working on two miniature boardgames: Blitz Bowl and  Space Marine Adventures. These quick and fun boardgames will feature easy to assemble miniatures such as Fantasy Football Players and Space Marines.

Blitz Bowl is a new way to play Blood Bowl. The teams are smaller, the games are faster but the action is just as intense, as each player seeks to distinguish themselves in the eyes of Nuffle*  in the infamous Crush recruitment rituals in fast-paced skirmish games.

Space Marine Adventures allows 1-4 players to join forces and attempt to break into a Necron labyrinth. Choose your hero and use each character’s unique skills to battle various deadly hazards, not least of which are the Necron guardians themselves. The easy-build nature of the kits and intuitive game make it suitable for players aged 8 and over – good for anything from family games nights to a quick adventure for a regular gaming club. While this set is a great introduction to the 41st Millennium, each Space Marine in the set is also a unique and dynamic sculpt, making them great additions to an existing collection, too.

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