Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lucid Eye Publications: The Red Book of the Elf King - Vashel Goldenhand, Throne of Towers Thane and Companions

Lucid Eye Publications: Today we see the release of Vashel Goldenhand, Thane of The Throne of Towers and the first set of Companions, who operate as loyal bodyguards for the Thanes. The Thanes' forces are created from a pool of four packs of Companions, a full fighting force is composed of six units of three Companions plus the Thane of your choice. As you will see, the releases so far will enable you to make a substantial start on your Elf army.

Goldenhand's Throne of Towers, is situated to the north west of the largest island of Eas. The borders of this land are fenced by ancient fortified towers, some so old as to appear natural spires of rock, dark fingers protruding from the snow and mists surround their peaks. Vachel’s eyes are as dark as those towers, his raiment is as gold as the Oldsun. A sword angel by his side and the Autarch’s Crown upon his head in peacetime, and his warhelm in times of strife. The Companions of the Throne of Towers are skilled at arms and the most feared of all warriors amongst elvenkin. They make little study of the Rhud Magicks that are otherwise common with other Circles and pour scorn upon such petty sorceries.

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