Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Gaddis Gaming: New Shattered Crown Miniatures Kickstarter

Gaddis Gaming: Detroit, Michigan:   For our November Kickstarter collaboration, Gaddis Gaming is creating an additional line of miniatures to go with our (G.A.U.R.D.S) rules system, Gaddis Gaming's very own General Assembly Universal Rules Data System© (G.A.U.R.D.S).

Through this unique offering, supporters will get to help DESIGN what the next faction will look like. Your support will help us answer questions like: How weird should we make them look? How far will your imagination push us to create the next faction in the Shattered Crown© Universe? Only you can tell us.

With the community we will build on this Kickstarter, we will post a series of updates and the community will decide on what direction we go with for our next faction design for Shattered Crown©. YOU get to choose things like what will their uniforms look like, how heavily armored will they be, and what special abilities will their Hero units have. You will have the ability to help shape the world of Shattered Crown© moving forward. We will debut this faction at Adepticon 2018.

By answering some of these basic questions, together we will build a Weird War faction unique to Shattered Crown©. We already have a full line of Harlem Hellfighters miniatures for the game, as well as the Prussian Empire, German Empire, Russian Empire, Italians and Ottomans.  But we are looking for you to help us create that next great faction to the game.

This is the world the Shattered Crown© Universe takes place in... The Martian War was a spitting contest compared to what was to come. It could have been much worse for humanity. Imagine if the US and Britain hadn't come to agreements after the fall of the Martians before V-M Day. Bickering among the Russian powers have tied up vital supplies and treaties hinder tech exchanges. Germany and Italy are split, but European politics would create their own new enemies in the Prussian Empire. Emperor Hirohito will not be caught between China and Russia, two warring nations. Japan will never surrender her Manchurian territory on the eve of recurring hostilities between the two powers. And World War I looks like it is about to begin.

Combining an intriguing story line and the ability to be part of the action on the playing field, Shattered Crown© is one of the first Weird WWI games available with a full miniatures line ready to support any army you would like to create. It offers eight different armored fighting vehicles and more than 20 different scenarios for more hours of gameplay for you and your friends.

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