Monday, November 13, 2017

DFA Miniatures: Upcoming B.A.S.E. System Modular 6mm Scenery Kickstarter

DFA Miniatures: The days of struggling to find affordable high quality 6mm scale scenery for tabletop wargaming will soon be over with the BASE System Kickstarter launch on Tuesday 14 November 2017.

The BASE (Battlefield Architecture and Scenery Expansion) System offers a vast and growing range of component buildings which are affordable without compromising on quality.  This modular system can be user-evolved by adding any number of pieces at any time as they all fit together and complement each other, while still retaining their uniform look across the range.  As an added bonus, BASE can be used in a variety of game systems – or any other 6mm scale application imaginable. 

The founder of DFA designs mechas, tanks and vehicles;  and currently designs mobile armour for Steel Warrior Studios.  However, at the time when he first moved from hex-based to miniature rules gaming, there was a distinct lack of reasonably priced good quality 6mm scale scenery;  so he took to making his own.  Favourable feedback prompted him to release selected pieces under the Mechanized Designworks banner for 3D printing on demand through Shapeways.  The entire custom designed BASE System range will now be available through the dedicated production company, DFA, and the range is growing as modules are added.  The DFA team includes a specialist painter, providing the option to paint scenery pre-shipping.  Having been involved in the gaming scene for years, DFA’s painter is a great ‘ideas and concept’ man.  No matter the background or specialism of DFA staff, however, they all share a reputation for meticulous attention to detail. 

At Kickstarter launch, the core range comprises twenty-two stand-alone buildings and ten modular building parts.  Stretch goals include more stand-alone buildings, further modular sets, and themed sets with individual architectural styles.  If all stretch goals are met there will be over 90 different models at public launch.  Future plans include production of miniatures for 6mm wargames.

DFA’s founder, Dorian Sherratt, said “it’s our goal to become the one-stop terrain shop for futuristic 6mm scenery, and Kickstarter backing will enable this to be realised faster for a larger audience”.  He added that, “quality is at the heart of everything we do;  but this doesn’t result in a high price tag.  We are avid gamers and invest a huge amount of effort into providing what gamers want”.  Jon Letham, DFA’s painter, commented, “working with Dorian on DFA's launch, I can finally start to help create things for others that enjoy this hobby as much as I do.”  Initial reaction to the upcoming launch has been favourable;  with Facebook group member Dan Byer stating “this is something I've been waiting for” and John Gavin Wilcox, another group member, adding “yup, my death will be slow and painful at my wife’s hands after buying these”.  Alex Clarke also added his endorsement:  “Hey guys, this is Alex from Steel Warrior Studios just throwing in my support for the guys at DFA Miniatures, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the last year.  I have complete faith in their ability to bring this project to reality and I hope you guys can join them for the journey.” 

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