Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Acolyte Miniatures: Necrowmancer 32mm Fantasy Miniature

Acolyte Miniatures: Worcester, United Kingdom-Acolyte Miniatures has added a new miniature to their growing Acolyte Fantasy range of 32mm figures with the release of Necrowmancer, an evil mage.

The Necrowmancer is a dark figure, reeking of malevolent evil.  There is a theme of death with the figure posed holding a staff upon which sit two crows, ready to pluck at the flesh of corpses.  The Necrowmancer figure wears a costume styled to look like feathers. Necrowmancer offers a variety of options whether it is for gamers looking to play an evil character, used as an end of level boss, or as part of a diorama. Necrowmancer stands at approximately 36mm tall.  He comes with a wooden staff and 2 crows all presented in a blister pack.  He is available to purchase now from the Acolyte Miniatures Shop

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