Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ramshackle Games: Mini Gangs Skirmish Game Kickstarter - Free Scarecrow Gang Unlocked

Ramshackle Games: The Ramshackle Games Mini Gangs Kickstarter is just passing into its final 17 days, so I have added a new gang. These models are cast in the usual resin we use, polyester. This is unlike the other gangs in the campaign, which will be cast in polyurethane resin. 

The new gang are called the Scarecrows, and will be added free of charge to every pledge that has physical parts (so not the digital download pledge). This turns Mini Gangs into a four player game straight out of the packaging! Its faced paced and easy to pickup game so please come and back the campaign on Kickstarter. Check the Kickstarter here

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