Tuesday, October 31, 2017

MakeX Works: New MIGO 3D Printer Kickstarter Coming in November - Print and Play Scenery and Miniatures

MakeX Works will be launching their MIGO - 3D Printer Kickstarter in November looking to fund their brand new affordable, portable and wireless 3D printer allowing you to print new scenery and miniatures among many other things!

The MIGO - 3D Printer is announced as a userfriendly 3D printer whose aim is to introduce the opportunities and fun of 3D printing without the hassle and expense, to everyone eager to learn about this revolutionary technique. The design philosophy of MakeX Works is "Less is More" resulting in a slick looking all aluminium alloy shell and straight-forward one button operation.

The major advantage of the new printer by MakeX Works is the portability so you can easily set it up, where you want and need it. The high precision in layer thickness from 100 microns all the way down to 10 microns, allows the user to create items for a wide variety of uses and specializations. Another important feature is that it comes with an app, which offers numerous designs to meet with a variety of your needs. Best part super early birds can grab this printer for only $149 USD! Check more details about this new printer here and make sure to pledge early if interested.

Although not strictly wargame related, the MIGO 3D printer could be used to print your own miniatures and scenery for your tabletop miniature wargames and roleplaying adventures using the countless commercial and free printing files you can get online. 

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