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Breaking! Northstar Miniatures: New Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age Wargame and Plastic Miniatures!

Northstar Miniatures and Osprey Games finally released the name of their upcoming fantasy mass-battles Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age wargame! Check this post for all the news and previews regarding the rules and official miniature range.

The first releases will be launched in October and feature the plastic dwarven infantry! The goblin infantry is coming soon but the rules are still being worked on so won't be available with the first miniatures. The new mass battle wargame rules are written by the talented author Joseph McCullough known from the hugely popular Frostgrave: Skirmishes in the Frozen City and the new Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago skirmish wargame rules.

Check the blurb: "Empires have fallen, and the land is broken. The great oathmarks that once stood as testaments to the allegiances and might of nations have crumbled into ruin. Now is a time of warlords, tyrants, and petty-kings, who carve out their own realms and inscribe their oathmarks into standing stones, ancient trees, and the bones of their enemies. In this lost age, fealty and loyalty are as valuable as gold and as deadly as cold iron, and war is ever-present. Created by Joseph A. McCullough, the designer of Frostgrave and Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, Oathmark is a mass-battle fantasy wargame in which players command armies of dwarves, elves, goblins, and men, and campaign to expand their realms and secure the loyalty of those they conquer. Oathmark allows players to field the fantasy army they have always wanted, whether a company of stalwart dwarves or a mixed force with proud elves and wild goblins standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the battle line. With one miniature representing one warrior, Oathmark is a fast, bloody, and tactical game, and players can field warbands of 30 figures or armies numbering in the hundreds. An integrated campaign system allows players to develop their realms from battle to battle, adding new territories, recruiting new troop types, and growing to eclipse their rivals… or lose what they fought so hard to gain and fall as so many would-be emperors before them."

From the author, although nothing is set in stone yet: Oathmark is a ‘rank and file’ game, meaning that most figures will be organized into units that will fight in blocks. However, the basic element of the game is the figure. Each figure has its own stats, and casualties are removed individually. The standard base for most ‘human-ish’ sized figures is 25mm square, so figures mounted on round 25mm, or smaller, bases will be usable with movement trays. The game features a bunch of different races – four main ones to start – each of which have unique stats. There will be a full campaign system, which involves building your kingdom as well as your army. (Assuming I can get all of it to work!). This game has no connection to Frostgrave other than sharing a few deep routed philosophies about what I believe makes a fun fantasy wargame. (Plus most of the plastic kits for the two games will be compatible!).

This new ruleset is again a partnership between Osprey Games, the game division of Osprey Publishing a leading publisher of miltary books and Northstar Miniatures who will create the official miniature range including several plastic miniature boxed sets and metal character miniatures featuring the available races, their soldiers and heroes. Northstar Miniatures has already announced the production of the following plastic miniature sets: dwarves with light weapons, dwarves with heavy weapons, goblins, elves in chainmail and wargs! I have been able to already review the plastic dwarves with light weapons (not the official name but easy to remember as they are lightly armoured and armed with single handed weapons and bows) and they are really splendid if the other sets are of the same quality, we won't have any reason to really complain! The miniatures will be sold in boxed sets of thirty miniatures each for £25.00. The boxed set will contain six identical sprues as shown below and in our review.

Northstar Miniatures has also previewed the 3ups of the goblin infantry along with a blurry preview of what I think are the metal dwarf characters. As you can see these miniatures are based on the works of great fantasy authors and artists and are designed to be folkfloristic and tolkienesque in appearance. Below are the preview pictures of the goblins and dwarf characters.

Heavy Metal! The six Dwarf character models (sculpted by Mark Copplestone), cast in metal, designed to support the plastic figures. We have made a King, a Wizard, a Musician and three Champions. Available the same time as the plastic box set. Look out for Friday 13th. Unlucky for some, but for us we'll start taking pre-orders for the Oathmark Dwarves. We will be making the pre-orders worth your while, we promise, and they will only be on offer for 10 days.

You can find more preview pictures and information in the following older posts on Wargame News and Terrain. Note that the information may not be up-to-date but the pictures are all still interesting!

- Pictures of the goblin infantry - painted miniatures and Salute display pictures Link
- Pictures of the dwarven infantry - painted miniatures and Salute display pictures Link
- Pictures of the dwarven infantry - showing all miniature options (bow/spear/melee) Link

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