Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tech Dusk: New Post Apocalyptic Tech Dusk Skirmish Game

Tech Dusk: A year has been working out an ambitious project, a skirmish wargame in the post-apocalyptic world - Tech Dusk. Soon the first starting set comes out, in this connection the authors decided to tell the story about the project to a large number of people.

The setting of the wargame is based on an original story, in the not too distant future, humanity due to the augmentation experiments will cause uncontrolled mutations of people and an epidemic of infection. In the end, people unite in cities-fortresses and will fight with mutants for survival. A detailed description can be found on the wargame page. Now you can see representatives of three factions, Anarchy band, Flesh Collectors and Technocracy Argant. Soon, beta testing of the rules of the wargame will begin and TD will invite the war game lovers to take part in the project. Thank you for attention and beware of the flesh collectors! Check their Facebook here

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