Friday, September 29, 2017

Shieldwolf Miniatures: War is Coming: Warmaidens & Dragonbreds Kickstarter - New Stretchgoal Order

Shieldwolf Miniatures: We have been thinking of how to speed the progress since it's not as fast as we'd like it to be. We think that we have come up with a good compromise that should work well for everyone! Thankfully we have given this project more time than we usually dedicate to our crowdfunding projects (three weeks instead of the usual two) so we are still on great track to unlock a whole lot more. Check the full Kickstarter here

This stretch goal order ensures both good viability of the project (remember that here at Shieldwolf Miniatures we cast in-house, therefore all this will be under our complete control) and shortens the gaps in order to help make this kit a reality! This doesn't mean that intermediate add-ons can't be inserted along the way on the road to the 60K goal. On the contrary, it's a certainty. We will be redesigning the weaponry, mainly the arm guard has caused issues -we would hate for *that* to be a deal-breaker, so we are very willing to change it. Shown below is the new design.

The beauty of crowdfunding is the interaction with the very people who help make this happen, we are very happy that you feel part of this -because, well, you are! All this is Work in Progress and changes can be made, this is about being open and honest with each and everyone of you, so if you had missed this change regarding the weaponry please take note. 

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