Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Shieldwolf Miniatures: War is Coming: Warmaidens & Dragonbreds Kickstarter - Beast Tamers and Sister of Wolves Vehicles

Shieldwolf Miniatures: So, we are rolling along nicely with almost 2/3 of the funding required in less than 24 hours. The faster we commence unlocking stretch goals, the faster we get to even more interesting stuff! So, this update is going to be divided in 2 parts First part is sci-fi and has to do with the vehicles of the Sisters of Wolves and second part is fantasy with a nice little surprise for the Shieldmaidens Let's go! Check the Kickstarter here

Vehicles of the Sisters of Wolves - We would like to start immediately by clarifying that the vehicles are not exactly the same and only varying by their -light or heavy- weaponry. There are two types of vehicles, first is Transport and the second is Combat. While these might look the same from the front, they have differences on the rear, see for yourselves. Also, items like the shields and furs are removable pieces. The enscriptions for these vehicles however are not. Like we have said on various forums, there's a very nice number of variations we have prepared for those of you who wish to assemble the vehicle differently. Here are some of them available below. ...and plenty more to follow! Now, let's be fair and see what we also got in store for our supporters on the fantasy section, something we didn't manage to unlock the previous time! (for those who might remember...)


Shieldmaiden Beast Tamers - In the lines of the Shieldmaiden Culture, there are those criminals who are condemned to death, and this punishment isn't lenient nor swift (usually quite brutal to be precise, to serve as a lesson to the rest). These criminals are given to the Beasts; to be mauled by the great ice warbears or to be trampled by their Mighty War Elephants. Tradition has it that should the criminal somehow manage survive her destiny, then it's a clear sign that the Gods have favoured her and forever bound her soul to the animal. For this reason a special bond is created among the beast and her, their lives tied together; one of the many strange things that have still to be explained in the ice cold north...

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