Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mana Press: Maximillian 1934 - Pulp Action Road Rage Rules!

Eureka Miniatures and Mana Press: "Emerging from the heat shimmer they come in a roar of sound and fury, the nomad brigands and road pilots. Chrome, dust and rust in your rearview mirror are the first harbingers of impending doom. Then the incessant chatter of twin Vickers fills your ears and your auto begins to disintegrate around you. It's the Dirty Thirties and you're having a bad day... Pray Maximilian is out there somewhere!"

Maximillian 1934 is a tabletop vehicle combat game set in a dystopian 1930s world. Players battle with heavily armed cars and bikes amid the roar of engines powered by alcohol and aviation fuel. Power-slide and corner your way around the table and/or terrain by using a special cornering template. Driving skill, the size and handling of a vehicle, and vehicle's speed influence success or failure in a turn or manoeuvre. Get your vehicle ready and we'll see you out there on the roads, driver! Tally-Ho! Grab your rules now here at The Wargame Vault!

Check our previous posts to check the Eureka Miniatures designed and created Dirty Thirties vehicles and miniatures! Hard to resist as these look splendid. Check them here Link - Link - Link

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