Saturday, September 30, 2017

Crooked Dice: 7TV Boxed Game Reprint Pre-Order Campaign

Crooked Dice: Lots of folks have been asking when the 7TV boxed set will be back in stock. So if you missed the first print run, or have downloaded the free 7TV PDF and just want to upgrade, then join our Dicestarter and get the second (and final) printing of the 7TV boxed set!

I’ve updated the rulebooks and profile cards with all the latest miniature photos and errata – so you can enjoy the definitive version.  During the campaign, the box will be £40 or you add two casts for £60. There's ten to chose from including a new Aliens cast. Plus you can order individual 7TV components is you want to buy stuff piecemeal. Anything ordered as part of the campaign will ship out in early January 2018 when the print run is delivered from the printers. Check for details here

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