Friday, September 29, 2017

Breaking! Northstar Miniatures: New Fantasy Wargame Dwarf Characters Previewed

Northstar Miniatures announced that their long-awaited and further unnamed fantasy wargame featuring several plastic miniature boxed sets will kick off in October! They have now also previewed some more upcoming Dwarf miniatures.

For those who have missed the news from Northstar Miniatures that has been released in small fragments over the past year, they are going to release a fantasy mass battle miniature wargame ! Featuring dozens if not hundreds of plastic fantasy miniatures such as Dwarfs, Goblins, Elves and Wargs. So if you're looking for some proper old school, folkloristic and Tolkienesque miniatures based on the artwork of very talented artists and inspired by the writings of great fantasy authors, search no further as these plastic boxed sets will certainly appeal to you as they are both great quality and will be very well-priced if I'm not mistaken so allowing you to field full armies! 

I have previously reviewed the unreleased plastic Dwarf Infantry miniatures for this wargame and can testify that the quality is superb and the amount of possibilities is splendid. The Dwarf sprue allows you to build lighly armoured bowmen, spearmen or other melee armed soldiers in numerous combinations allowing you to construct small warbands or large units armed with the same weaponry for larger wargames. 

Northstar Miniatures previewed the following miniatures but not sure if these will be plastic or metal. But looking at the detail and poses of the miniatures, I'm inclined to say that these will be the metal character miniatures.

Check our thorough review of the unreleased plastic Dwarf Infantry here and certainly don't forget to check the previously previewed Goblin Infantry sculpts here as those look proper Tolkienesque.

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