Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lead Adventure Miniatures: New Medieval Fantasy Brueghelburg Miniature Kickstarter

Lead Adventure Miniatures launched their latest Bruegelburg Kickstarter named "A day at the fair". It's a new range of 28mm fantasy miniatures sculpted by Igor Karpov, for use in roleplaying games and tabletop games.

Somewhere in the rainy North, not too far from the coast of the Great Ocean, lies a bustling city state. Sitting on a crossroads of highways and rivers, it has become a major trade nexus for the continent. The dark of the Middle Ages has not yet fully vanished, and the light of the Renaissance does not yet reach all the shady spots found in the shadows of the great merchant houses. The name of this place: Bruegelburg. Check the full Kickstarter here


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