Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time Portal Games: Stronghold on the Borderlands Kickstarter

Time Portal Games has recently launched their Stronghold on the Borderlands Kickstarter to fund a modular fantasy border fortress for your wargame and roleplaying adventures!

Stronghold on the Borderlands is a new kickstarter project in which you can buy traditional resin casted scenery or can choose to buy access to an extensive digital library that provides modular building designs for 3d printing. The design promotes a freeform style of building that is brought to life by nearly 200 carefully designed, high resolution pieces!

Conceptually, Stronghold on the Borderlands pursues the notion of a timber fort being constructed on part/on top of an older ruined stone fortification. The mixed aesthetic provides some potential for the 
design to be applicable as a tribal center for barbarian and goblinoid cultures. However, even a wild west fantasy setting would not be an unreasonable for such a design. The project reached funding goals early on the first day and has continued on a strong funding projection. All early Stretch goals are open, and the creators are promising many surprise stretch goals over the coming weeks.

Check the Kickstarter here to explore all different options of this good-looking border fortress and enhance your miniature wargame and roleplaying games with this awesome scenery setting.

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