Friday, July 28, 2017

Shieldwolf Miniatures: Hard-Plastic Fantasy Sisters of Talliareum and Science Fiction Sisters of Faith Preview

Shieldwolf Miniatures: After the successful funding, creation and delivery of the Shieldmaiden Army, Shieldwolf Miniatures(tm) listening to its supporters is launching even more affordable and innovative armies, always in the quality you have come to expect from the company. Female Fantasy armies from the north, west and east... and their sci-fi counterparts fully funded by Shieldwolf itself.

This time we tease the western armies of the Sisters of Talliareum, a fantasy paladin army. On top of that, our supporters asked of us to make also a sci-fi paladin army, and since nobody has ever managed to create both a high quality and highly affordable one ever before, we decided to pick up the glove and take it from there. As we write above after all "for we walk by faith, not by sight!" Thank you for your support.


s.kierdzik said...

I'm getting seriously tired of all those female miniatures.

salem said...

There's what, two whole companies focussing on female miniatures out of scores of companies that make predominantly male figures?

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