Sunday, July 30, 2017

Punga Miniatures: Toa Orc Blocker - Fantasy Football Team

Punga Miniatures: We are a young studio Punga Miniatures with big ambitions. Now we represent the Orc blocker from the Toa Orcs - Fantasy Football Team!

The Toa Orcs team consists of wild orcs living on islands in the far sea. These are experienced navigators and warriors, they often make raids on the banks of Nippon and Katai. They are known as fierce dangerous opponents both on the battlefield and on the football field. The team will contain 2 blockers, 2 linear orcs, 2 blitzers, 2 throwers and one big guy. More information can be found on our website - The model is made of polymer plastic, not painted, with a plastic backing. Sculpted by Punga - Scale 32 mm.

A short story like fans from New Zealand and authors from Russia agreed to do miniatures together. Initially, we released our first miniature Orc blocker from the team for a fantasty football called Maori Orcs. After the publication, representatives from New Zealand contacted us, some of them resented the use of the word Maori in the name of the team, since they often use the name Maori to increase popularity. In our case, this is not entirely true, since we were inspired to create miniatures in the Maori style, to study the history of the people and culture. One Maori representative from the NZ BB suggested changing the name to Toa oracle (Toa, translated from a Maori warrior, brave, champion, winner), we liked this offer and we decided to change the name of our team from Maori Orcs to Toa Orcs. In the future, we plan to continue cooperation with NZ BB to better reflect the essence of the rich Maori culture in our miniatures.

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