Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Official Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine Released!

Joseph McCullough released the first issue of his new official Frostgrave magazine named Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine with additional rules and scenarios!

Joseph McCullough, author of the hugely popular Osprey Games fantasy skirmish game Frostgrave published Spellcaster, an official Frostgrave magazine! Although not published by Osprey Games the magazine was given their blessing. The first issue is available now and contains 18 pages with two new scenarios: Alone in the Crypt – a solo Frostgrave scenario in which you play a captain with a quiver-full of magic arrows trying to escape a crypt full of undead and The Catacombs of the Evrenbright – a three scenario mini-campaign originally created for Adepticon 2017. There are also be rules for using black powder firearms, rules for horses in the Frozen City and rules for Knightly Orders which add variety to your knights and templars

New Official Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine - More Rules and Scenarios

The first issue is now available from RPG Now click here straight to the cool stuff! The magazine and is sold for $5.00, the talented and Frostgrave veteran Dmitry Burmak has supplied the lovely cover artwork.

Now is the time to dust off your Frostgrave miniatures and gather your daring warbands for ventures into the Frozen City. Still in need of miniatures? Make sure to check out our Frostgrave Soldiers review here and be amazed by the quality of these affordable plastic miniatures!

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