Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Ion Age: New Pugnus Light Tank and Manus APC Khanate 15mm Vehicles

The Ion Age: The Ion Age makes all of its releases for June 2017 with the first two of many fantastic alien 15mm vehicle kits. 

The wheeled Pugnus light tank and the 'big rear ended' Manus APC both in the service of the Khanate Empire. Give your Legionaries, Pioneers or Maligs some mobile support against the Humans in the Camarthen system. Excellent value and design! Click through here for the article with lots more to read and more images. Remember you get IMP46 Female Knight Errant free in all orders and you get Reward Points on your account. Plus we have 25% off the character pack Knight Errants of Prydia too. Thanks for Reading. GBS

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