Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Watchful I Studio: Terracotta Army Kickstarter Postponed

Watchful I Studio: The announcement to postpone the Terracotta Army Kickstarter comes as a mixed blessing because I did not want to delay the Kickstarter but recent developments have forced me to make a decision that will be better for you, the customer, in the long run. 

I am in the final stages of signing an agreement with a European partner that will assist in delivering all future products not only for our Kickstarters but also fulfill any mail orders and purchases at major shows in Europe. In order to better prepare for the Terracotta Army Kickstarter I feel it is necessary to postpone the launch so my European partner can have the appropriate amount of time to prepare molds and their production. This process will take a few months so the Terracotta Army Kickstarter will launch later this year, most likely in the 3rd or 4th quarter. We will continue to work on products and hopefully sneak in some new releases during this time and I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Our official announcement regarding the new partnership will be coming soon as we wrap up the final details.

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