Monday, May 8, 2017

The Drowned Earth: New Yuttaraptors Unlocked and Optional Rules Stretch Goal Announced

The Drowned Earth: The Yuttaraptors are here! Fast and furious, these large raptor models can be used by any faction, and in the future you might even see a scenario or two requiring them. I can't wait to see how people paint these! Grab these awesome hunters here on The Drowned Earth Kickstarter

People have had some great ideas in the comments section of the campaign, but some of the more fun ideas could be a bit unbalancing in the game. However, sometimes I'm just in the mood for silly fun. So, if we unlock this next stretch goal I will write an "Optional Rules" chapter, full of things like random encounters, danger zones, pickups and even rules for creating your own scenarios! 

The rules won't be tournament legal, and so the chapter will only appear in the print version of the rulebook. Use of these rules is completely optional, but I think people will have a lot of fun throwing some of these ideas in to their games. Character Biographies! I've just finished uploading the character biographies of the Artifacters to the website. TThe Firm biographies will follow shortly (and their renders will be updated too). I hope you enjoy learning a little more about them. That's all for now folks. Thanks again for all the sharing, liking and re-tweeting. It all helps immensely. Onwards and Upwards!

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