Monday, May 1, 2017

The Drowned Earth: New Yuttaraptors, Live Sculpting Event and Much More!

The Drowned Earth Kickstarter unlocked new stretchgoals and announced some cool Yuttaraptors and an interesting live digital sculpting event! Check The Drowned Earth Kickstarter here

Once again we've smashed a target in no time, and anyone wanting to buy some fancy tokens for their The Drowned Earth game can now do so.  now for something a little... hungrier! So far, the dinosaur models have been on the small and manageable side. However, the fearsome pack hunter Yuttas are something altogether different. A beast as big as a horse, these fellows can bite you in half as quick as look at you. And they're fast too! They rend armour with frightening efficiency, and what they lose in climbing ability they make up for in the ability to jump! On 40mm bases, these chunky dinos will strike fear in to your enemies. Again, our Beast models are faction neutral, and somewhere down the line we might even have a scenario or two for these guys. 

Live Sculpting Date Announced! I literally cannot wait for this one. Have you ever wanted to know how 3D models are sculpted? On tuesday at 7:30 BST (-1 GMT) we will be broadcasting a live stream sculpting session with the very talented James W Cain, who sculpted most of The Firm and three of the Militia. What will he be sculpting you ask? 

Well, I have the great pleasure of announcing a fifth planned faction, and what seemed like a suitable name?! As you can see these models will all be mercenaries, and are in fact the Gene Splicer pledge level models. Well, my original vision for those models is that they could join any faction, but they would not have a class role, or be able to benefit from a leader's "Command" ability. They are lone wolves! However, when played together as a single faction each model will be able to use its class ability as well as be commanded by the faction leader. And guess who that will be? Yes, you guessed it- our Zokal friend from the Choose your Own Adventurer event!

As the models will still be mercenaries anyone owning this faction will have a myriad of list building opportunities with their existing models. Cool huh? So this faction really is by the people, for the people, named after our most enthusiastic community members, the Wayfarers, and created by the Kickstarter backers. Of course I won't be able to show any concepts till after the campaign, so it won't be a stretch goal, but it's one for the future, regardless.

Yes indeed I did. One didn't seem like enough. Now, anyone pledging at the Get Wet pledge level of higher will receive a set of custom dice completely free. Huzzah! I know people are curious how they'll look. I'm talking to the manufacturer right now about that. I think it's unlikely we'll be able to show a prototype any time before the campaign ends, but I might be able to give some examples of typography and colour choices. We shall see. 

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