Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Drowned Earth: Kickstarter Competition Week Day 5: Coolest Character Concept!

The Drowned Earth: Hey folks! Before we get down and dirty with the next competition I thought it was time to summarise exactly what you're getting at each pledge level, and roughly how much you're saving over the estimated retail prices! Not bad eh? If you were considering bumping up to the next pledge level, but wondering if it was worth it or not, maybe now is the time? Also, feel free to share this with any friends of yours who have decided to wait for retail rather than back at Kickstarter- it really is worth it! Check the Kickstarter here

Competition 5: Character concept!

Who can come up with the coolest idea for a character, who will appear somewhere in the world fluff?!  This won't be a miniature, so you can really let your imagination run wild with a non-combat character here. A couple of restrictions here. First, like the location concept, keep it under 5 sentences. Second, stick to one of the existing races please (save your species ideas for later...). Third, write a character, not an entire culture! Keep mostly focused on the person and their immediate situation, rather than trying to write a whole society around them :). As previously, to win comment below with your entry. Have at it! 

Just a few more days now... There are still a few stretch goals we can break! For example, who doesn't want to see Kaneda on a Mantis unlocked before the campaign ends?! Might even be another dino in the sidelines too! So now really is the time to post on forums about the project, forward this mail to your friends, head on over to Twitter and Facebook and do all that lovely social media liking, commenting (especially important on Facebook!) and of course sharing!

All being well, I'll have a cool announcement tomorrow which a few people have been asking about. It's early days for it really, but that just makes it all the better for you folks! Last off, live sculpting tomorrow night- we'll catch up with that Kaneda on a Mantis sculpt further down the line. Exciting!

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