Friday, May 12, 2017

The Drowned Earth: Even More Contests Launched - Great Prizes - Kickstarter Ending Soon

The Drowned Earth launched even more crazy contests with splendid prizes and sometimes excusive ones! Check the Kickstarter now here and make sure to get involved in The Drowned Earth while you can as the campaign is ending in three days!

Post it up on Youtube, and comment below with the link. Who will be first to get their standees printed or proxies ready!? The winner will get a hard copy print of the Beta rules, signed by me! I got a few rather pretty looking books printed, just for the playtesters and demos really, but I still have a few precious copies, and you could win one! After all, anyone who's up and playing already deserves to do so in style, right?!

Comment on the Kickstarter -
Thunderclap are Go! Ahem! Grammar! Anyway, some of you might have already joined up to the Thunderclap, but for those who haven't, there's a prize to be won! The prize is an extra crew of your choice, to be added to your existing pledge level. This could be the Wayfarers faction too, if you've gone for the Drowned pledge level! Exciting! If you join with both Facebook and Twitter you double your chances.  Thanks guys! I'm preparing a rather fun announcement over the weekend- something which will interest at least a few of you. In the meantime, keep dry!

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