Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Drowned Earth: Competition Week! Best Proxy Miniature!

The Drowned Earth: Just a quick update today. It's Wednesday, and the final episode of Choose Your Own Adventurer should be up right? Yes, it certainly should, but I'm going to have to update you all tomorrow instead. Sorry! However, I can announce the next competition, which is a rather fun one, and because it's quite involved, this time you have until the end of the campaign (5pm BST, Tuesday 16th). The prize is a copy of the Wayfarers faction! Cool huh?!

How to Enter

I'm aware that you can't post pictures on here. Instead, when you have an entry ready to post, sent me a PM here on Kickstarter and I'll send you an email address you can send the picture to. I'll post all the entries as an update after the campaign, and announce the winner shortly. Ok ok, whats a proxy? Well, If you want to start playing TDE right now, it's very simple. All you need to play is on the website in the Downloads section. However, a lot of people just don't like using paper standees. So you can use stand-in's instead! That is, models from another system which you've altered, painted or converted to look like characters from The Drowned Earth!

Points will be given for:

- Quality of paint job
- How much the model looks like the character it is proxying
- Any converting or alteration work you've gone to to make it look suitable for TDE
- Cool, and world-suitable basing
- There's no formula- I'll pick out the one I think is the coolest, taking the above in to consideration. 
- Don't forget to tell me which model it is a proxy of!

Check The Drowned Earth Kickstarter here and enter the contest!

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