Friday, May 19, 2017

Shieldwolf Miniatures: Warmaiden, Wolf Wardens and Scifi Kickstarter Details!

Shieldwolf Miniatures: For some of you this may not mean much but for us it does since Shieldwolf had never done any science fiction miniatures. Our research indicates that a lot of our supporters -even those who didn't back the Shieldmaiden project- would however be interested in us offering these in our next project. The change was very drastic and we will see where it brings us.

This project with your support allowed us to create not only the most affordable but also the only complete Female Barbarian fantasy army. With the augmented knowledge we received from this project, Shieldwolf Miniatures looks even higher and we mean to raise the bar like never before! A Female Paladin fantasy army, a Female Paladin space army and a Shieldmaiden Space army done in hard plastic and offering huge affordability has never been done before (to our knowledge at least) and we are more than happy to pick up the glove and attempt to make this into a reality. With your help it can be done! 

As you know as an additional token of appreciation, we gave the backers of this project here the decision of what comes first. So, Wolf Wardens come first, just like you asked for. We are even considering to tilt our Warmaidens (who we are looking very forward to since it will allow us not only to create a very unique faction but also prove the super dynamic posing we can offer with our know-how) in favor of the Paladin faction as we mean to supply not only our supporters with a wider range but also commence supporting the Talliareum faction. We would like to know what you think of this.

Finally, the date of the KS-3 (we are calling it like that to abbreviate) was May 30th, but recent developments have resulted in that KS-3 launch date will be postponed, probably for the end of the Summer. We are all very eager to launch it and create more unique goodies, but we cannot allow backers from this project not to be dealt with first! Considering you might have been in their place -even if you happen to be among those who already have your rewards in front of you- we think you will agree with us.

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