Friday, May 26, 2017

Shieldwolf Miniatures: Fantasy - Science Fiction Paladin and Shieldmaiden Kickstarter

Shieldwolf Miniatures: A good day to all wargamers! Many things have taken place ever since our last newsletter –and some of which you’ll be very interested in learning about!

The major news is that Shieldwolf Miniatures has decided to enter the sci-fi army wargaming scene. With the revelation of the Shieldmaiden Army opening the way to foretell the abilities and potential of Shieldwolf Miniatures, we aim to make a grand entrance in sci-fi to service our supporters who ever since we showed up have questioned whether the company would ever enter the sci-fi market. For this reason, besides our co-funding of fantasy, all other funds reserved for the production and copyright fees of “Heroquest(TM)” will be committed in the development of sci-fi armies instead. The Shieldmaiden project with your support allowed us to create not only a highly affordable but also the only complete great quality Female Barbarian fantasy army worldwide.

With the augmented knowledge we received from this project and with your pledged support and constant encouragement, Shieldwolf Miniatures aims even higher, raising the bar like never before! Our next project features a complete Female Paladin fantasy army, a Female Paladin space army and a Shieldmaiden Space army! All done in hard plastic and polyurethane resin, with the quality you have come to expect from us; KS-3 will be offering *huge* affordability to honor the backers who place their faith in us once again and we are very excited to pick up the glove and attempt to make these armies into a reality.

The initial planning had us combining the initial funding sprue with enough parts out of which one could choose to either build a sci-fi or fantasy army. This idea will not be implemented however as the person that Angelos has brought aboard has suggested we do different sprues instead for each genre.

As you probably know, we gave the backers of this project here the decision of what comes first as a token of additional appreciation for their support; we cherish your opinions even if they are not always implemented. So, our supporters decided that Wolf Wardens come first at funding level. We are even considering to tilt our Warmaidens (who we are looking very forward to since it will allow us not only to create a very unique faction but also prove the super dynamic posing we can offer with our know-how) in favor of the Paladin faction as we mean to supply not only our supporters with a wider range but also commence supporting the Kingdom of Talliareum (human race).

The date of the KS-3 (we are calling it like that to abbreviate) was May 30th, but recent developments have resulted in that KS-3 launch date will be postponed, so we are currently looking at a late summer campaign. It will all depend on how quickly KS-2.5 wraps up, we predict end of June but real life happens and we never make promises we won’t keep. We are all very eager to launch this new crowd funding project and create more unique high quality affordable armies, but we will not allow backers from our previous project not to be dealt with first! Considering you might have been in their place -even if you happen to be among those who already have your rewards in front of you- we think you will agree with us.

On another note, we must also make reference to the commissioned work we undertake for various companies worldwide. Having produced literally tenths of thousands of miniatures for manufacturers of three continents in more than ten countries, we have reached the point where our production slots are currently all filled out. This forces us to take necessary action so we will not be taking any further commissions for the entire 2017. We appreciate the interest and faith you’ve shown but Shieldwolf Miniatures aims to maintain the same high standards of quality in both product and service and recognize our limits. For further information and reservation of our production slots for 2018 please proceed in contacting us via the usual channel.

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s.kierdzik said...

I'm getting pretty tired of all those female fantasy miniatures.

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