Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Micro Art Studio: ITS Scenery Set and District 5 Food Booths

Micro Art Studio: The ITS Scenery Set and District 5 Food Booths are now available at Micro Art Studio's store! The ITS Scenery Set contains detailed scenery pieces that were designed as Objective Markers dedicated for Infinity. It combines high quality resin casts, etched fluorescent acryllic glass and laser cut MDF board. It's compatible with both ITS seasons 7 and 8 and has enough objective markers to play every single mission there is in the ITS system. In the box you'll find:

- 15 MDF/acryllic Antennae-Console combo
- 12 MDF/acryllic Beacons;
- 6 resin Supply Boxes;
- 4 resin Tech Coffins;
- 3 resin Panoplies.

The District 5 Food Booths set consist of 3 booths made of hdf with signboard stickers included. The bar stools can be mounted in horizontal/vertical position (bar open/closed). You can choose how many shutter elements you'd like to mount (from fully open to fully closed). The doors and the roof may be left unglued for easy access to the inside.

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