Friday, May 12, 2017

Labmasu: Rude Rats - Tabletop Miniature Modular Multi-Part Ratmen Kickstarter

Labmasu launched their Rude Rats Kickstarter to fund a new range of resin fantasy modular multi-part ratmen! Ideal for fantasy mass battle wargames such as The Ninth Age and Kings of War but also useful for Blood Bowl and more skirmish games.

As you know, rats are zoologically original from Sulawesi, a tropical island in Indonesia. We decided to re-design the famous rat army as a Sulawesi tribe. We want to give you the opportunity to customize your army at your wish. We are offering you a full range of bits to give you the choice to make your army unique and fantastic! Check all 14.400 possible combinations on Kickstarter here

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