Sunday, May 28, 2017

Antenocitis Workshop: Time for a Heist? New Futuristic Post Apoc Sports Car Released

Antenocitis Workshop: Time for a Heist? 28mm sci-fi scenery - The 'Heist 140' is a sports car that blends current world styling with near future or post apocalyptic trimmings. This car evokes the theme of a decades or even century old automobile that has been harshly modified to keep it running, despite its wear and tear. Quickly falling behind the advancing technology of the modern world, the Heist 140 is the car of  the underclass and hive dweller, relying on retro-burners and hacked engine computer to get to the blistering speeds that it once handled with ease.

The Heist 140 has been hand crafted to fit into near future and post-apocalyptic gaming tables, or even zombie games. Although it is a simple piece of line of sight blocking scenery, the Heist 140 should be an eye drawing scenery piece that sets the tone of your whole gaming experience. The Heist 140 is sold in main variants, the 'Scenic' model, and the 'Deluxe' model. The 'Scenic' model is a pure terrain piece, drop cast as a single part with integrated wheels and solid resin underside., and is suitable for customers that just want a quick car to paint for the gaming table. The 'Deluxe' model has separate wheels and coffin, which means you can vary the ride height of the car by adjusting the position of the wheels. The 'Heist 140' is scaled for 28mm.

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