Friday, April 28, 2017

Fenris Games: Stocking Bronze Age, Darkling Minis and Forge of Ice Miniatures

Fenris Games: Now Salute's done & dusted and the workshop's approaching a clear floor again, I've had chance to list almost 300 "new" minis in the webshop. The entire Bronze Age and Forge of Ice ranges are now available via the Fenris website - and I'll be adding Darkling Minis (Chaos Dwergs, spelltoads) to the shop soonish, too. Small stock of a variety of them, but mostly these will be a rolling pre-order (similar to what Tim at Miniature Heroes does with Reaper, et al) on the 1st of each month, allowing you to avoid import duties and Royal Mail handling fees. Random assortment of pics follows; all listings are in the 28mm minis section of the website.

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