Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Element Games: Limited Infinity The Fat Yuan Yuan Miniatures

Element Games: The Fat Yuan Yuan (Limited Edition Box Set of 2 Minis) - His fists are like frozen hams, his combat jumps more plummets than controlled descents that make the earth tremble as much as his deep guttural belches. 

Everyone knows somebody who reminds them of the Fat Yuan Yuan, but I can assure you that no one measures up to him. The Fat Yuan Yuan remains undefeated in all the arm wrestling and drinking competitions he has ever been in. He is a living legend from the confines of Human Edge to the worst dives of Castropol. If you find him in a shady bar washing down beer and eating snacks by the handful, or putting a street vendor’s noodles to the test, maybe you can hire him… but you will regret it later. Now available here for discounted pre-order

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