Friday, April 28, 2017

Armorcast: New Scifi Tech Walk System Released

Armorcast: Armorcast's Tech Walk system allows for fast pace tactical combat in a dark futuristic setting and takes your skirmishes into the third dimension! 

Designed for infantry and other figures on 32 mm or smaller bases, this multi-level system offers advantages for snipers, and other infantry specialists to get the drop on other units. It makes a great play space for gang type games with capture the flag and hold the high ground scenarios. It is structurally very sound and steady and packs into a smallish box when done. The gritty details of a worn, rusted and combat damaged fire base are sculpted into the design. 

It works well with games like Osprey's Scrappers, Megacon’s MERCS 2.0, Games Workshop’s Shadow War Armageddon, Corvis Belli’s Infinity, Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K, and other futuristic small squad games. Individual pieces can be used to form piers and outlooks on the short, and pedestrian walkways over major roads. It works well with Armorcast’s Tech Canals, Gothtech Structures, Overhead Pipeline and Modular Refinery. All walkways are modular, interchangable and (with the tiniest bit of effort) easily adaptable to other buildings kits. The components are designed to be sturdy and easy to assemble, as well as featuring a modular set-up. No more flimsy cardboard, fiddly plastic connector clips, and parts cut from wood by-products that when painted show off woodgrain textures when the model is supposed to represent steel or concrete! There will be three waves. The first two will be from the original collection, while the third wave will have new designs to expand the set.

ACTW003 – 3" Tall Small Platform with Ramp – $21.00 USD
ACTW006 – 3" Tall Medium Platform #1 – 2 Entrance Points – $15.00 USD
ACTW007 – 3" Tall Medium Platform #2 – 3 Entrance Points – $15.00 USD
ACTW008 – 3" Tall Large Hex Platform – $25.00 USD
ACTW009 – 6" Tall Small Platforms w/ Two Ramp Set – $35.00 USD
ACTW011 – 6" Tall Medium Platform #2 – 3 Entrance Points – $17.50 USD
ACTW012 – 6" Tall Large Hex Platform – $32.00 USD
ACTW015 – 9" Tall Medium Platform #2 – 3 Entrance Points – $20.00 USD
ACTW016 – 9" Tall Large Hex Platform – $35.00 USD
ACTW017 – Catwalks/Ramps (2 Sections) – $15.00 USD
ACTW018 – 3" Tall Tech Walk Columns (2) – $15.00 USD
ACTW023 – Novamerican Elevated Fire Base – $25.00 USD

Second Wave will feature boxed sets (pictured above) as well as the remaining classic designs. Third Wave will feature components to make the platforms and catwalks have a post-Apoc shantytown look to it. Hastily erected walls and shed roofs will be the theme. Also, take advantage of Armorcast's free shipping for orders over $200.00 USD worldwide!

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