Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hyacinth Games: Wreck Age Post Apoc Vehicles and Flexible Roads Kickstarter

Hyacinth Games launched their Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kickstarter to fund some cool resin and pewter 28mm vehicle kits (suitable for 28-35 mm) for gaming, painting, collecting, and all post-apocalypse aficionados!

Wreck Age is a post-collapse 28mm skirmish game and narrative RPG set 500 years in the future; hundreds of years after a total societal collapse. We are now in the midst of The Resurgence, where pockets of society are just beginning to re-establish themselves. We are here to ask for your support to bring a long-term dream of ours to reality: vehicles!

We're proud to launch this Kickstarter campaign for our resin and metal scale vehicle models. Each kit will be easy to assemble, convert, and paint. We're doing some neat stretch goals and have a bunch of cool add-ons too. Before unlocking these stretch goals, we're starting with 3 post-collapse car chassis. From there we have lots of cool stuff to unlock, including a truck chassis, motorcycles, ATV, horse riders, and buggies. With your help, we'll reach all of those goals and more!

What we're showing here are work in progress renders, done by our experienced and talented sculptor Olivier Nkweti. He has done amazing work for Privateer Press, Pyre Studios, Meirce Miniatures, and many others. Each car measures 92 x 38mm, which fits very well for models from 28mm-35mm. The car chassis shown above is just the starting point. We'll be doing modifications to them so we have 3 very distinct and unique looking post-collapse vehicles, and you'll be able to see the progress unfold throughout the course of this campaign. We're very excited for this process, and have a ton of fantastic ideas for upgrades, add-ons, and alternate parts for these cars (along with all the other stretch goals and unlockable vehicles listed below). With your help, these dreams will soon become a reality.

In Wreck-Age, your miniatures battle it out on the tabletop in a unique narrative hybrid of efficient skirmish battle and role playing drama. By introducing vehicles, you’ll be able to expand the size and scope of your games. From the basic 3’ x 3’ gaming table through to huge layouts that stretch for dozens of meters, you can create death race scenarios, caravan chases, and run the gauntlet of ‘toll booths’ set up by highway robbers. The only limit is the amount of space you have, and your imagination. No matter how you choose to integrate vehicles into your Wreck-Age experience, you’ll be able to move your models around the board much more quickly than you would on foot, using simple rules mechanics that allow for depth of play, while maintaining ease of play, and ensuring record keeping is kept to a minimum. You can take control of a crew of your choosing, selecting from the nomadic Drifters, the pragmatic Stakers, the tech zealots known as the Reclaimers, or the vampyric Stitchers; you may even choose to venture off into the Wilds in your vehicles, without the support of an organized faction.

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