Saturday, March 4, 2017

Custom Terrain: New The Desert Temple Modular Scenery Gaming Mat

Custom Terrain: Custom Terrain has released The Desert Temple modular gaming mat - a sprawling network of passageways and deadly chambers to explore, perfect for fantasy roleplay games like Dungeon & Dragons or Pathfinder.

A variety of challenges are waiting to be discovered amongst the ancient crumbling ruins - from rooms of dangerous shifting sands, to towering enchanted statues, to puzzles involving light and mirrors. This expansive set of tiles contains everything you need to create a complete dungeon. Alternatively you can rearrange the pieces into an endless variety of custom dungeon layouts.

The dungeon tiles are printed to durable, premium vinyl. Easily cut the tiles out with regular scissors and then you are ready to start building custom maps. The cut tiles can be stored flat in a file or folder for your convenience. The Desert Temple is photographed from real, physical scenery - the depth and perspective is incredibly realistic, providing a captivating pseudo-3D effect that simply cannot be achieved through computer graphics.

The Desert Temple tiles can be drawn on with water-soluble markers, making it easy to add annotations, areas of effect, objectives, and more. The Desert Temple includes a comprehensive dungeon walkthrough for even further inspiration, and includes background information, NPCs, puzzles, traps, and monster ideas for your games.

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