Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Warcradle Studios: Wild West Exodus - Free Promotional Captain Nimue Miniature!

Warcradle Studios: We've got some exciting news regarding the recently previewed Legendary Captain Nimue miniature for Wild West Exodus. From April 2017 she will be our promotional miniature!

That mean that this stunning plastic multi-part figure will be available for free at all shows that Warcradle attend in 2017 as well as being available in your local game stores as part of our retailer promotional support kits (to be released in April). For us this makes an important statement about how serious we are in promoting and supporting this fantastic game. In particular we want to show how we view the community and want to give retailers and demo teams the best possible tools in showcasing Wild West Exodus. 

Legendary Captain Nimue will available at events and shows worldwide in 2017. We are also working on supplying retailers and distributors so that you don't need to attend a show to get hold of one. Finally, once this year is over we will be adding the exact same miniature to our main range meaning that if you aren't able to pick one up this year, you will still be able to purchase it at your local retailer or online. So no need to worry about having to pay a scalper an over inflated price for her in 2018! 

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