Friday, February 17, 2017

Titan Forge Games: Asian Mythology Dragon Empire - Tabletop Army Kickstarter

Titan Forge Games: Dragon Empire - Tabletop Army - Tabletop miniatures line inspired by Asian mythology Kickstarter launched.

The Great Dragon Empire is a fantasy collection that has it roots deep in the Asian mythology, legends and samurai culture. Of course we could not resist adding dragons and the magic of four elements to make this world truly supernatural. In this campaign we especially want to engage our backers in the process of model creation. In the incoming updates we will be gathering your propositions for miniatures. Later the backers will be voting and their suggestions will be implemented into the collection. Moreover, after picking the miniatures we will set up a series of streams and our lead artists will be sculpting live! That way you have a chance to see how exactly your idea becomes reality.

Our products are in 28mm scale. Check pictures at the bottom of our campaign to see size comparison. They are all casted in high-quality resin that ensures highest details, durability and flexibility. The only exeption are basic units. Those will be either in restic or in hips plastic depanding on the outcome of this campaign. Check the full campaign and miniatures here

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