Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Gorilla Game Studios: Upcoming Chronicles - Fantasy Miniature Strategy and Roleplaying Game

Venture into the immersive fantasy world of Indagar through the upcoming Chronicles - Miniature Strategy and Roleplaying Game enthusiastically brought to you by Happy Gorilla Game Studios.
Happy Gorilla Game Studios: Chronicles - Fantasy Miniature Strategy and Roleplaying Game

Happy Gorilla Game Studios' Chronicles is a miniature strategy game based in the fantasy world of Indagar. The land of Indagar was wild and uncivilized for thousands of years. Upon discovery, foreign ships arrived bringing a great era of expansion. A Republic was founded finally uniting the foreigners with the native peoples and setting the course for peace and prosperity over the next thousand years.

By playing Chronicles: The Game you will have the opportunity to field great and powerful armies chosen from many nations. Be sure to join Chronicles Online to become a leader of Indagar, drive the story, conquer foes and fulfill your destiny… Along with hundreds of pages of lore, these rules are also freely available on their website

Happy Gorilla Game Studios: Chronicles - Fantasy Miniature Strategy - Forest Tribes Warriors

As a game, Chronicles offers new and exciting game play with many innovations.  Combat is quick and with a lot less math, incorporation our own custom d10 system as well as a truly unique, combat feature known as the dynamic unit formation (DUF).  

Further, Chronicles will come partnered with something Happy Gorilla Game Studios is truly excited about, a unique gaming platform called the On-line Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG).  The OCRPG offers an entire new level of immersion and interaction off the table-top, allowing players to literally be apart of the Chronicles story as it unfolds from season to season.  So much so, real players will make up the faction leaders, all the way up to the King of Arkland or Great Chieftains of the Forest Tribes!

In support of Chronicles, Happy Gorilla Game Studios will also release their own miniature range filled with 32mm fantasy miniatures allowing you to play with your favorite Indagar characters. During the launch there will be 12 miniatures available, you can check the renders here but below some painted Great Forest Tribe warriors. These miniatures will be supplied in one piece resin castings allowing you to start painting and playing with these straigh away!

Happy Gorilla Game Studios: Chronicles - Fantasy Miniature Strategy - Forest Tribes Warriors

Chronicles will be going to kickstarter with three of the seven available factions with more to follow as the game builds up steam.  These factions each offer unique play styles, miniature lines, rules, and more. The first three faction will be The Great Forest Tribes, The Kingdom of Arkland and The Ramal Nations. Chronicles is currently in a closed beta, and they are accepting applications for beta testers on their website.  Further, they hope to go to Kickstarter later this year, so stay tuned!

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